Kaminoyama Onsen Tourist Information Center

1-2-1 Yarai, Kaminoyama City, Yamagata, JAPAN
Hours of Operation
(New year holiday season:10:00-16:00)
Outside/Inside View

The Kaminoyama Onsen Tourist Information Center is right in front of Kaminoyama Onsen Station.
Not only is the Shinkansen platform close here, but local bus, taxi stand and the hotel shuttle bus stop are also nearby.

Inside, there are chairs for rest and pamphlets of tourist spots of this city and its surroundings.
If you have any questions about sightseeing spots in the city or enjoy some tour, please contact the reception.


In front of Kaminoyama-Onsen Tourist Information Center, there are some transformation systems. They are train, taxi, scheduled bus and free shuttle bus.

  • JR Train
  • Taxi and Shuttle bus

Several taxis are always stopped in front of the station, it's convinient to go anywhere.
Some hotels have a shuttle bus from the front of the station.

  • Free Shuttle Bus to Zao Okama (in late sprig, summer, autumn) / to Liza World ski resort (in winter)

The free shuttle bus to Zao Okama or Liza World ski resort departs just in front of the Tourist Information Center.

  • Scheduled Bus

There are bus stops several tens of meters away from the station, in the direction of Sendai, Yamagata, Takamatsu-Hayama-Onsen.

Rent a cycle

From this Information Center, you can use rent-a-cycle. We prepare two styles of electric assist bycycle. (Paid)
If you visit some seightseeing spots that are a little far from the central city, please contact the tourist information center desk.


Producs handled
  • Wine

There are three typical wineries in Kaminoyama City.
Almost all Kaminoyama wines are available here.

  • Takuan picles

Takuan is one of Japan's representative traditional pickles.
This is made from Radish and rice bran. It is very salty because it is made in a traditional way.
It is said that the name of takuan pickles comes from the fact that monk Takuan,who once lived in Kaminoyama during Edo period, invented it.

  • Tour

We also handle regional travel products planned by the Kaminoyama City Tourism and Products Association.
Please contact the Association for details.
Kaminoyama City Tourism and Products Association:Tel.+81-23-672-0839 info@kaminoyama-spa.com https://kaminoyama-spa.com

Inside Stores & Items

There are two tenant stores in this information center.
They are Right Stuff Coffee and Yamagata Wine Cave.

  • RIGHT STUFF COFFEE  Regular holiday:Thursday

Coffee and light meals are served.


You can enjoy 12 types of wine by the glass, created by wineries in the city, at the standing counter inside the store or at a table outside. There is also a wine shop, where you can purchase wine as souvenirs.