Many kinds of events are held throughout the year.
We introduce the main events.

Winter Festival
Kase-dori Festival

Kase-dori Festival (parade for fire prevention) is a folk festival originating from about 400 years ago in Kaminoyama. Young people wearing bird-shaped straw coats dance and parade, and audience showers cold water to Kase-dori in the freezing temperature to wish household safety and prosperous business. Kase-dori maniac photographers from all over Japan come to take photos of unique Kase-dori costume.

・11/Feb/2020 Held
・City center

Spring Festival
Kaminoyama Castle Festival

During the consecutive holidays in May every year, Kaminoyama Castle Festival is held in the casle and in front of the castle gate. Traditional culture and stage event, armor wearing experience etc. are held. There are lots of events for families.

Canceled in 2020
・Kaminoyama Castle

Summer Festival
Yamagata Wein Ball in Kaminoyama

Local wineries and other wineries in and outside the prefecture gather together. We can taste a wine full of personality, which was made from high quality grapes made in Kaminoyama. Besides, we can enjoy all day at food courts and stage events.

13/Jun/2020 Canceled in 2020
・The area arround the Kaminoyama Castle

Autumn Festival

Kakashi Festival (scarecrow festival)

A "Kakashi (scarecrow)" is placed in the rice field to protect seeds and growing crops from birds. More than 500 of unique handmade Kakashi from across the nation are displayed during the festival. From traditional Kakashi to cartoon character Kakashi, visitors experience the field filled with a variety of scarecrows.
This is the 49th year.
Handmade scarecrows full of humor from inside and outside the city were exhibited.
Canceled in 2020
                              ・Kaminoyama Civic Park

Sanja Festival

This is a festival by the joint of three shrines. Armored corps, drum flute, child procession and portable shrine walk around the city, we can see a procession like a period picture scroll wearing old-fashioned costumes.

Canceled in 2020
・From JR Kaminoyama Onsen Station front to city center

Odori Dashi

Dancers perform elegant dances on floats that young people draw.
We can enjoy a fantastic atmosphere that is different from daytime when the lanterns of the floats light.

Canceled in 2020
・City center