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Kaminoyama city is located in Yamagata prefecture at the North-east of Japan. This city is located at the foot of Zao mountain range, and has been serving a number of tourists as a popular castle town and a hot spring town.


  • ''Kaminoyama Castle'' is located on a hill in the city center.
    ''Kaminoyama hot springs'' have approximatery 550 years of history, and they are widely known for having a rich amount of ''silicic acids' and being very good for skin.
  • Kaminoyama City lies horizontally on Zao mountain range and is the starting point of "Zao Echo Line", which connects Yamagata and Miyagi. Tourists can take a free schuttle bus that leaves at Kaminoyama Onsen station and enjoy various activities held in the nature. Kaminoyama is often referred to as the "Entrance of Zao".
  • In Zao, there are many appealing seasonal factors you don't want to miss on your trip in Japan, such as Okama, autumn leaves, skiing and snow monsters.
    If you want to enjoy nature, food, history, and hot springs, Kaminoyama City is a perfect place for you to visit!


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