Recommended Local Trips (Chartered taxi plan)

The Kaminoyama City Tourism and Products Association offers a number of regional trips for travelers.
These plans are chartered taxi plans that use one small taxi, and you can choose your favorite time and place course.
You can apply for them at the travel desk in Kaminoyama Onsen Tourist Information Center.
(April 2022)

  • T2200 Spring tour 5 hours Fee:32,900 yen

Course:Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→Kaminoyama Kannon→Kaminoyama Castle→Hasedo Kannon→Saito Mokichi Memorial Museum→Kaminoyama Onsen arr.
Photo L:Caminoyama Castle (Image)  Photo R:Saito Mokichi Memorial Museum

  • T2201 Early summer tour 4 hours and 30min. Fee:29,610 yen

Course:Yamadera sta.→Yamadera Senju Kannon→Tarumizu Fudoson→Tateyagawa River Shibazakura→Wakamatsu Kannon→Yamadera sta.

Photo L:Shiba-sakura (Image) Photo R:Tarumizu Fudoson


  • T2202 Zao Okama 2 hours 30min. Fee:16,450 yen

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<50min.>→Zao Okama(50min.)→<50min>→Kaminoyama Onsen arri.
Tearm:Late April~Early November
Pick-up only. No on-site waiting.
Photo:Zao OKama (Image)

  • T2203 Zao 5 hours Fee:32,900 yen+toll road fee +Ropeway fee

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<50min.>→Zao Okama(40min.)→<50min.>→Zao Ropeway(120min.)→Gutto Yamagata(30min.)→<10min.>Kaminoyama Onsen arri.
Period:Late April~Early November
Photo L:Zao OKama (Image)  Photo R:Zao Ropeway (Image)

  • T02204 Zao Ropeway Direct Taxi Plan Fee:11,000 yen

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<30min.>→Zao Ropeway Sanroku sta. or Zao Chuo Ropeway Onsen sta.
Zao Ropeway Sanroku sta.→<30min.>→Kaminoyama Onsen arr.
Pick-up Only. No on-site waiting. Departure and arrival at Zao Bodaira is also possible.(same price)
Photo:Zao Ropeway (Image)

  • T2205 Kaminoyama Winery tour 2 hours Fee:13,160 yen

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→Takeda Winery (20 min.)→Bellwood Winyard(20min.)→Woody Farm & Winery (20 min.)→Kaminoyama Onsen arri.
※Wine tasting is not possible for the time being.

  • T2206 Takahata Winery tour 3 hours Fee:19,740 yen

This is a 2-hour course that goes around the wineries in the city.
Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<35min.>→Takahata Winery (40 min.)→<20min.>→Kumanotaisha Shirine→(30min.)→<30min.>→Kaminoyama Onsen arri.

  • T2207 Yamagata Sake Brewery Tour 3 hours Fee:19,740 yen + highway toll

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<30min.>→Otokoyama Syuzo(30min.)→<20min.>→Kotobuki Toraya Syuzo(30 min.)→<30min.>→Kaminoyama Onsen arr.
※Closed on weekends and holidays.

  • T2208 Tukimusubi Direct Taxi Plan Fee:12,000 yen + Prayer fee

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<40min.>→Kumanotaisha Shrine
Kumanotaisha Shrine→<40min.>→Kaminoyama Onsen arri.
Pick-up only. No on-site waiting. Application required. Note the set date.

  • T2209 Yamadera Tour 3 hours Fee:19,740 yen

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<1 hour>→Yamadera
Yamadera→<1 hour>→Kaminoyama Onsen arri.

  • T2210 Yonezawa Tour 4 hours Fee:26,320 yen+highway toll

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<1 hour>→Yonezawa City(Viewing)
yonezawa City→<1 hour>→Kaminoyama Onsen arri.

  • T2211 Miyagi Zao Fox Village Tour 4 hours Fee:26,320 yen

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<1 hour 30 min.>→Miyagi Zao Fox Village(Viewing)
Miyagi Zao Fox Village→<1 hour 30min.>→Kaminoyama Onsen arr.

Photo:Fox Village (Image)

  • T2212 Ginzan Onsen Tour 6 hours Fee:39,480 yen+highway toll

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<1 hour 30 min.>→Ginzan Onsen (Viewing)
Ginzan Onsen→<1 hour 30min.>→Kaminoyama Onsen arr.

Photo:Ginzan Onsen (Image)

  • T2213 Mogami River Boat Ride 6 hours Fee:39,480 yen + highway toll

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<1 hour 30 min.>→Tozawa village(Riding Boart)
Tozawa Village→<1 hour 30min.>→Kaminoyama Onsen arr.

  • T2214 Haguro Mountain 6 hours Fee 39,480 yen + highway toll

Kaminoyama Onsen dep.→<1 hour 30min.>→Haguro Mountain (3 hours)
Haguro Mountain→<1 hour 30min.>→Kaminoyama Onsen arr.

Photo:Haguro Mountain (Image)

  • T2216 Okitama Sakura Corridor 3 hours 30min. Fee:23,030 yen

Mid-April~Late April

  • T2217 Zao Juhyo Light-up from Zao Bodaira Fee:15,000 yen + Ropeway fee

Zao Bodaira Pension Village dep.→<30 minutes>→Zao Ropeway(Riding on Ropeway and Viewing Juhyo)(60 min.)→<30 min.>→Zao Bodaira Pension Village arr.
Period:Only during the light-up period of Juhyo.

  • ---- Cherry blossom viewing 2 hours 30min. Fee:16,450 yen

Course:Kaminoyama Onsen Info Center/ hotel dep.→<5 min.>→Tsukioka park arround Kaminoyama Castle (30min.)→<5 min.>→Kyokusho-cherry blossomtree (in the middle of the river) (10 min.)→<8 min.>→Weeping cherry tree (500 years old) at Gongendo(10min.)→<30min.>→Cherry blossoms (about 1000 trees of 25 varieties) at Eboshiyama park (30min.)→<20min.>→Kaminoyama Onsen Info Center / hotel arr.  Period:Mid April

Photo L:Tsukioka park (Image)  Photo R:Kyokusho-cherry blossom tree (Image)

★The above fare is for taxis only, and does not include the highway fare, lunch fee, admission fee,ropeway fee, and boarding fee.
★Small taxi 6,580 yen / 1 hour. Janbo taxi 9,660 yen / 1 hour. A fee of 550 yen will be caharged for each taxi arrangement.
★Courses other than the abobe can be set, so please contact us.
★Payment will be made at the Kaminoyama Onsen Tourist Information Center travel reception desk. Please complete the payment before boarding.
★Application Destination : Kaminoyama City Tourism and Products Association phone:023-672-0839