Four Seasons

We can enjoy four varied seasons in Kaminoyama City. Why don't you take a hot spring and enjoy the city sightseeing?

Cherry blossoms start to bloom in Kaminoyama City in the middle of April. In late April, snow removal will be completed on the Echo line road leading to Zao Okama, and we can easily reach Zao Okama by car. We have free shuttle bus from central city to Zao Okama. In the farm, fruit flowers are in full bloom.
From the end of June to the beginning of July, it is the season for cherry harvest. Cherries of Yamagata prefecture are famous all over Japan. We can also enjoy picking them at the farm. Wine bars and wine tourism are held in June and July. Many peaple visit Kaminoyama and enjoy them. On Citizen's Yukata Day in July, we see staff in yukata work at some offices.
In autumn, Kaminoyama City holds various festivals. During autumn festival, Peaple wearing armour parade through the city, and dancers in kimono dance on the floats pulled by men. Scarecrow festival also takes place in the park. The orchards are full of various fruits. During the autumn leaves season, the trees of the mountains are dyed red and yellow and peaple go out to the mountains to see them.
Many people go skiing at the ski resort in winter as the snow piles up in the mountains. From January to February, the Ice Monsters on Mount Zao will be a highlight. Many tourists go to see them. In mid-February, the Kasedori Festival, which continues from Edo period, is held in Kaminoyama City. People water the Kasedoris while praying for good harvest and beware of fire.