In this city, we can enjoy various kind of hot springs. They are indoor and outdoor bath in the hotel, foot bath, and public bath in the central city.
In winter we can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. In summer and autumn, we can enjoy fruits picking.
Please bring your family and friends together and have fun together.

Hot Springs
Hot Spring
Kaminoyama Hot Spring is a historical hot spring resort celebrating 555 years since its opening. Among thousands of hot springs in Japan., water quality of Kaminoyama is famous for skin beauty, warming, and moisturizing. Visitors can also enjoy outdoor bath with open atmosphere to feel the change of seasons, relaxing at a room with accompanies, and walking arround the town with Yukata (cotton Kimono).

Foot Bath
In the city, there are five foot baths. Each foo tbath is unique, such as the one with wall painted the history of Kaminoyama, and the one with the view of cherry trees and riverside.

Public Bath

There are seven public bathhouses in the city.
The PUBLIC bathhouseIt is old style casual bath. Visitors can take a bath with local people, which is incomparable to the bath in Ryokan (inn).

Skiing & Snowboarding

There are three ski resorts in Zao area, each of them has unique characterictics. At Zao Liza World, you can enjyoi skiing in the snow field surrounded by snow-covered woods. Tube slides are also availiable. Snow trekking is popular among middle and old aged generation. You don't need to bring anything as the resort rents all equipment for skiing and snowboarding.
Zao Sarukura Ski Field offers a private ski field plan for night time. You can enjoy snow activities with your family or friends alone.
Fruits Picking
Kaminoyama is called "The hub of fruits", as its rich nature grows sweet, delicious,and big fruits. There are many orchards in the city, and visitors can experience "fruits picking". Each of four seasons, opportunities are offered.

Mid-May to early June ▶Cherries (greenhouse)
Mid-June to mid-July ▶Cherries
Mid-August to early October ▶Grapes
Mid-September to late November ▶Pears, Apples